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Insurance and payments


In 2018 our dental office has adopted a fee for service policy, meaning that we will be requesting payment in full at the time of rendered services. The payment can be cash, debit or any major credit card. We have adopted this policy in order to focus our time and resources on providing each and every one of you with the exceptional dental care that we strive to give, instead of having to deal with time consuming insurance issues, as a third party.

We are still providing you with all the necessary documents needed to submit the dental claims yourself, and all reimbursements from your dental insurance carrier will go directly to you. We will also be sending pre-authorizations and estimates for the procedures that require them, and you will receive the answer from your insurance company. We will always give you an estimate of the fees for any planned dental treatment, before we perform it, so you will always be aware of the cost of each visit.

Treatment financing with Dentoplan

For treatment plans that total 3000$ or higher, we offer the option of financing through Dentoplan. It is a health loan with very reasonable interest rates that allows you to have your dental treatment accomplished in a short period of time and pay for it according to an established payment plan of your choice that fits comfortably in your personal budget.

RAMQ payments

We are sorry, we do not accept RAMQ payments. We believe mercury has no place in our bodies. We know that It is a toxic material and we do not know the long term effects of it on our health. RAMQ only pays for amalgam fillings for posterior teeth, which are metal fillings that contain mercury. We restore teeth with white filling materials and porcelain restorations which do not contain mercury.

Payment methods

We accept Interac, Visa, MasterCard and cash. Sorry but we do not accept personal cheques.

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