We recommend bringing your child in for a first dental appointment as soon as the first tooth appears. The main objective of the first visit is to get the child accustomed to a regular dental check-up. It will also establish a good first contact with the dental team. This will show him or her how easy and pleasant it is to have their teeth and mouth examined.

We will make sure your child is treated according to the highest standard of care, and like all our patients, he or she will feel at ease and confident when they are greeted by our team.

There is a right way and a wrong way to prepare your child to go see the dentist. Here are some WRONG things to say:

“Don‘t worry, it‘s not gonna hurt”
“Dr El-Samra is very gentle, he won‘t hurt you”
You get the idea.

Some CORRECT things you can say with a calm and positive attitude: “We‘re going to see the dentist to count your teeth!”. No need to over-prepare them. They need to know and feel that it‘s not a big deal. Children are very smart and can detect and feel your nervousness. If you have a hard time hiding your own fear of the dentist, then have someone you trust, that doesn‘t share that fear, accompany them.

RAMQ and insurance claims

In order to treat your children according to the highest standard of care, we only use composite (white fillings) to restore their teeth. Therefore we cannot accept RAMQ payments, because they only reimburse restorations with amalgam (an alloy that contains mercury). Many insurance companies reimburse dental treatment for your children, but that depends on your insurance plan. We recommend you call your insurance company to find out if they are covered under your plan.

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