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Dental emergencies

We accept emergencies, even if you are not a patient with us. If you feel you need to see the dentist urgently, don‘t hesitate to give us a call and book an emergency appointment. We can see you that same day, if it is during our opening hours.

Possible causes of a toothache may be, but are not limited to one or more of the following:

  • Traumatic occlusion (excessive pressure from the opposing tooth)
  • Tooth decay (or a cavity)
  • Periodontal infection (gum infection)
  • Hairline fracture
  • Food impaction (due to an open space between two teeth)
  • Post-operative sensitivity (after dental treatment)

A toothache may or may not stop spontaneously. And if it does, it could return with even higher intensity. Whatever the cause may be, don‘t take any unnecessary risks. If you experience an episode of pain, a relatively quick and thorough emergency assessment may avoid you a whole lot more pain, anguish and regret and may avoid losing your tooth. We will, of course, do what is necessary to relieve your pain if possible, that same day.

Just call 514-900-3368 (DENT) to book an appointment.

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